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Broome Chinatown
Broome Chinatown

Broome Chinatown Tours and Activities

A colorful history accompanies Broome's Chinatown. During the heyday of Broome's pearling industry, the pearlers (many from China, Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia and Europe) would arrive back on shore cashed up and head to the opium dens and billiard halls of Chinatown.

Things have changed. You won’t find opium dens; however, you will still find corrugated sheds alongside some fascinating Chinese architecture and delicious food. The area is filled with pearl shops selling pearls and mother-of-pearl products many of which come from local waters.

Stroll around, soak up the atmosphere and learn about Broome's exciting history from the great storyboards on the shops along Johnny Chi Lane.

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Johnny Chi Lane, Broome

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