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Salem Wax Museum
Salem Wax Museum

Salem Wax Museum

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Salem Wax Museum offers a chance to walk through the history of Salem. The museum features 50 lifelike wax figures made in London, depicting pivotal figures and scenes from the history of this coastal city.

The Salem Wax Museum includes exhibits surrounding the founding of Salem in 1626, the Salem Witch Hunt and Salem Witch Trials of 1692, as well as the maritime merchant trade and New England piracy of the 18th century. Visitors will get to see such notable figures as the author Nathanial Hawthorne, Tituba, the accused “witch” who sparked the 1692 hysteria, and Colonel John Hawthorne, who presided over the trials.

Aside from the wax galleries, there is an interactive area where you can learn nautical knot tying, do a grave rubbing on a headstone recreated from Salem’s Charter Street Burying Point, and experience what the accused witches went through during their detention during the Witch Hysteria by being locked in a life-size recreated cell.

During October, the Salem Wax Museum is the centerpiece of the Haunted Neighborhood, which also includes the Salem Witch Village and other attractions.

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288 Derby St, Salem, Massachusetts, 01970

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