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Abdul Gafoor Mosque (Masjid Abdul Gafoor)
Abdul Gafoor Mosque (Masjid Abdul Gafoor)

Abdul Gafoor Mosque (Masjid Abdul Gafoor) Tours and Activities

As you walk through Little India in Singapore, a large structure topped with minarets and an onion-domed copula might catch your eye. This impressive building, completed in 1910, is the Abdul Gafoor Mosque (Masjid Abdul Gafoor), a mosque originally built for the community of South Indian Muslim merchants who worked at an old race course in the area.

The impressive structure, sometimes written Abdul Gaffoor Mosque (Masjid Abdul Gaffoor), underwent a major renovation in 2003, giving it an almost cartoonish appearance. The facade exhibits an interesting mix of Moorish, Roman and Saracenic architectural elements, a fact that fits in the context of a country filled with so many ethnic enclaves. Inside the mosque, you’ll find a 25-ray sundial with the names of the 25 chosen prophets of Islam written in beautiful Arabic script. Of to the side of the main prayer hall, you’ll notice a large family tree that chronicles the genealogy of these prophets.

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41 Dunlop St, Singapore, 209369

Tours and Activities to Experience Abdul Gafoor Mosque (Masjid Abdul Gafoor)

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