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Black person with a Pride flag. Photo: carlesmiro / Shutterstock

Travel with Pride

June is Pride month, when LGBTQ communities and allies stand together against homophobia and oppression in a global celebration of love and freedom. This year marks 53 years since a raid on New York’s now-historic Stonewall Inn sparked the beginning of the gay rights movement in the US. In this series, we speak to the people behind our top LGBTQ experiences in an exploration of LGBTQ history, culture, and Pride.

Pride in place

Insider’s guides to the world’s major LGBTQ cities.

Born-and-raised paulistano Danilo leads LGBTQ-friendly tours in his home city of São Paulo.

Glenn is the story-teller guide for and creator of Forbidden Vancouver's Really Gay History Tour.

The Fabulous Wonder Mama is a writer, drag queen, and Sydney tour guide.

Joe is the co-owner and founder of Pride Tours NYC, one of NYC Pride's official partners.

Castro resident Kathy has run SF's first and only Legacy Business Tour Company since 2005.

James and Andy offer several LGBTQ-friendly tours in Melbourne, Australia.

Henk runs through 400 years of Dutch queer history on his LGBTQ tour of Amsterdam.

Tour guide Juan knows all there is to know about LGBTQ nightlife and more in Bogotá.

Rebecca honors Philadelphia's LGBTQ activism heritage on her Gayborhood tour.

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Pride on tour

Top-rated LGBTQ tours and experiences around the world.